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About Us


Meet Shannon & Nori

Hi, we are Shannon and Nori! The owners of Nori Rose Collection. We are the visionaries behind these handmade products and we take great pride in bringing you the very best in scented candles. The Nori Rose Collection is built with passion and with an entrepreneurial desire to share our craft skills and love of beautiful scents. It is with great pleasure that your experience with our products are enjoyable and most satisfying.

The Story


​The Nori Rose Collection was inspired by my grandmother, Rosalie Butler-Cooksey. She was such a huge influence in my life. When she passed, I was pregnant with my daughter and her passing took a major toll on me. She left so suddenly before she was able to meet her 2nd great grandchild. Moments after her passing, my husband and I decided to name our daughter Nori Rosalie. This was such a defining moment in my life as I've never lost anybody that meant so much to me. Dealing with such a devastating loss, I long for a sense of closure and peace through lighting candles for mere relaxation. The scent of candles and oils along with her memories, I feel so connected to her. This inspiration creates memories and something significant to keep my grandmother's memory alive. My memories of her are in my expressions in each candle that I create. I know she is in heaven saying, "Shannon, I'm proud of you". She is I and I am her through this Nori Rose Collection.

Rest in Heavenly Peace Grandma
Love, Shannon, Nori, & Reign

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